By examining the roles of well-known ship lighting market participants in the industry, While emphasizing the key driving factors of the marine lighting market, also conducted a comprehensive study of

Usually, the horns are to be sounded when ships meet, the horns are to be sounded when the ships enter and depart from the port, and the horns are required

The rapid development of intelligent LED lighting systems, as well as the in-depth development of light quality biology in fish phototaxis, light avoidance, and swarming research, use the functions of

Traditional marine lighting fixtures mainly include: incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps. They mainly use electronic light field radiation to emit light. For ballasts or

Electric piston horns BZHSD-90 and BZHSD-161 have stable and reliable performance. The electric piston horn is a new type of horn with a more reasonable structure, reliable quality, simple operation,

The new LED marine searchlight TS1/TS1-A is a cost-effective and fully functional marine lighting product. This product uses high-quality LED lamp beads, which have high luminous flux, long illumination distance,

Power-driven vessels, fleets, working ships, sea cruisers, stake boats, and dangerous goods cargo ships that are currently underway shall display the marine navigation signal lights in accordance with the following

Above the vast sea, ships need to use Lights to ensure the safety of navigation. Ship Navigation Signal Lights are to facilitate the discovery of the ship by other ships

We, Bozhou Marine Co., Ltd., will participate in the Singapore APM 2024 exhibition from March 13th to 15th. The exhibition content will discuss how to provide data transparency, automation and

Marine lighting plays a vital role in navigation, not only affecting the crew’s work efficiency and safety, but also directly related to the navigation and navigation of the ship. In

Marine incandescent lamps play a vital role in the field of ships. They not only provide necessary lighting for crews, but are also directly related to the safe navigation of

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