Marine electric piston horn product application

Electric piston horns BZHSD-90 and BZHSD-161 have stable and reliable performance. The electric piston horn is a new type of horn with a more reasonable structure, reliable quality, simple operation, no need for compressed air, and cost savings. Electric piston horns BZHSD-90 and BZHSD-161 are suitable for all types of large and medium-sized ships with three-phase power (more than 75 meters in length).


The electric piston horn is based on traditional fog horn technology. It absorbs international advanced design concepts and advanced production technology, carries out multiple innovations in structure and principles, and scientifically combines air compressors, gas storage tanks, and pipelines. The successfully developed new fog navigation equipment combines advanced modern microcomputer technology to achieve automated and intelligent control, completely eliminating the shortcomings of traditional fog navigation horns in high-power air compressors, large-capacity gas storage devices, and complex pipelines. It solves the problems of equipment installation, use and maintenance, giving the ship a wider design space, construction space and usage space. It is currently the most ideal modern marine fog navigation equipment and an upgraded product of the “air horn”.

Main components

The marine electric piston horn consists of a sound system and a direction control system. The sound-producing system mainly consists of a motor, driven gear, eccentric shaft, piston, piston cylinder, sound-producing diaphragm, resonator, horn, etc. Through mechanical connection, each component becomes a unified whole with independent functions.
The automatic control system is mainly composed of a microcomputer with a “single chip microcomputer” as the core.

Working principle

Through the “fog aviation automatic control system” with “single chip microcomputer” as the core, human-machine dialogue is realized. The system automatically outputs “signals” according to the set “actual environment”, drives the relay, connects the main power supply to the motor, and drives the motor to run. The audio system is powered by a motor, which drives the eccentric shaft to rotate at high speed through teeth. The eccentric shaft drives the piston to perform high-frequency reciprocating motion in the piston cylinder, compressing the air in the compression chamber composed of the piston and the piston cylinder, and driving the sound-producing diaphragm to produce sound. Through the resonance of the resonator, the horn emits a corresponding “fog” signal.

Innovation and advantages

(1) The electric piston horn is powered by a motor, and the eccentric shaft rotates at a high speed through a gear drive, driving the piston to reciprocate rapidly in the piston cylinder, compressing the air in the sound cavity, and producing a signal sound. Our company is familiar with this technology and can produce electric piston horns and other models ourselves.
(2) The use of microcomputer “single-chip” control technology to realize man-machine dialogue, according to the actual environment of the ship, periodically and automatically send out “fog” signals of different coded information that meet the requirements of IMO. Its overall realization of automatic intelligent control is at the world’s leading level.
(3) The creative use of “spiral-wound sealing grease technology” can not only ensure the seal, but also ensure that the main components get an effective lubricating, which completely overcomes the problems of multiple wear of other accessories and short life. It can achieve the same life time as the ship.
(4) The piston cylinder integrates a soft heater made of special materials to ensure reliable operation of the piston cylinder, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, fast heating, and temperature controllable. Ensure that the active cold cylinder works normally in severe cold environments and obtain heat sources in daily production activities, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
(5) The integration of air compressor, gas storage tank and pipeline. It not only eliminates the various defects of traditional fog horns that require high-power air compressors, large-capacity gas storage tanks, and complex pipelines, but also has the following advantages:
①Save raw materials, greatly reduce manufacturing cost and using cost;
② Thoroughly solve the problems in the use process such as gas storage tank leakage and pipeline blockage, saving corresponding human, material and financial resources;
③The traditional fog horn requires high-power air compression equipment. In order to ensure the normal pressure of the gas storage tank, even if the horn does not sound, it needs to work frequently. The electric piston fog horn does not require air compression equipment, and the motor only works when sound is required, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also eliminates the loss of energy storage, transportation and conversion processes, making the product more energy-saving and environmentally friendly;
④ Save equipment installation space to the greatest extent and make ship design more reasonable and flexible. These are conducive to the design, manufacture and construction of ships, and greatly promote the improvement of the overall technical level of ships.

Performance indicators and applications

(1) It can emit a sound with a sound frequency between 90 and 270 Hz and a sound pressure level ( 1/3 octave) not less than 143dB . It is one of the world’s largest models of “fog horns “. Realize automatic intelligent control, with the highest technology content, which is at the world’s leading level.
(2) audible distance is not less than 2 nautical mile(IMO), is suitable for the vessel above 75m and offshore work platform.
(3) It is suitable for special places such as marine ships, other factories and mining enterprises, and replaces traditional Horn.

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