Application of LED in Marine Lighting

The ship have to stay on the water for a long time, the conditions are relatively harsh, LED lamps just have a certain anti-seismic performance, the lamp body of special material is not easy to break, and also can prevent the erosion of sea water and prolong the service life. Simple and lightweight materials can be selected for the supporting structure and other protective structures of the lamps to simplify the design and reduce the overall weight.


The lamps with different light intensities and lighting colors can be selected according to the use environment and requirements. For example, in crew accommodation, the light with a color temperature of 3000 to 6000K can be selected to create a peaceful and comfortable feeling. The cabins are generally narrow and closed, and the natural lighting is often insufficient. The crew needs to rely on lighting fixtures for long-term work. However, working under a single lighting for a long time will easily make people feel tired and feel depressed and irritable. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of lamps with different color temperatures to create different lighting environments.

Bedroom lighting selection

The bedroom is a personal place for the crew to rest, and different lighting effects can be customized according to the individual needs of different crew members. At this time, LED combination lamps can be used to achieve different lighting effects by controlling the lighting performance of a single LED. When working and studying, we can increase the brightness and color temperature of the lamps to keep people in a awake working state; When resting, we can choose a slightly lower color temperature to create a warm and comfortable sleeping environment.

Restaurant lighting selection

As a place for the crew to eat and rest, the dining room should maintain a warm lighting atmosphere. At this time, single or multiple sets of lamps can be selected, and then the position and size of LED lamps can be reasonably arranged according to the size of the restaurant and the number of diners, so that the restaurant can be illuminated in an energy-efficient and efficient manner. For the color temperature selection of LED lamps, in order to increase the crew appetite, LED lamps from 3000 to 3500K can be selected.

Work area lighting selection

The working nature and requirements of the cockpit, engine room and chart room are different, and the lighting systems used are also different. There are many instruments and equipment in the cockpit and the structure is complex. A milder lighting method should be selected to avoid interference with the judgment of the deck officer. In addition to the main cabin overhead lights, a compensation lighting system can be added. And the space in the chart room is relatively small, the crew needs to view the sea chart for a long time, a single lighting should be chosen so that the crew can concentrate.

The lighting in other areas of the cabin can be combined with main lighting and auxiliary lighting to improve the efficiency of lamps. For example, in side cabins, cargo warehouses and other places, in addition to normal lighting, it is also necessary to ensure the normality of emergency lighting circuits. At this time, LED lighting strips with low power and low voltage requirements can be selected to save installation and use costs.

As a new type of lighting, LED lighting has many advantages that traditional lighting does not have. In the contemporary society that advocates energy saving and environmental protection, it has received more and more attention. But it is seldom used in marine lighting at present, and the technology is not mature enough, so it still need to be improved. However, it is believed that the special performance of LED will gradually be developed and valued, and will play an irreplaceable role in the marine lighting system.

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