Knowledge of marine searchlights

Marine searchlight (marine searchlight) refers to the use of reflectors or lenses to focus the emitted light beam at a small solid angle (usually less than 2 degrees) to obtain greater light intensity, which is used to illuminate or search for distant objects. Marine searchlights generally use mercury-xenon light sources. Our company also has searchlights that use tungsten halogen lamps and LEDs as light sources.


Application of marine searchlight

  1. Suitable for long-distance lighting and search during night navigation, especially suitable for navigation, lighting on both sides of the river, and water surface search when crossing complex waters such as narrow channels and inland rivers.
  2. Used in long-distance lighting and target search for ship navigation, life-saving, alarming, etc.

Advantages of Bozhou marine searchlights

Advantages of Bozhou marine searchlights

  1. Meet the diverse needs of customers
    (1) Various materials and applicable scopes
    (2) Various powers and voltages
    (3) Multiple waterproof levels
    (4) Multiple lamp holders and light sources
  2. High quality
    (1) Factory direct sales quality, guaranteed after-sales service
    (2)Many products have patent rights
    (3) The product has “CCS” or “ABS” certification
  3. Sufficient inventory: ensure that products are delivered as quickly as possible.
  4. Good waterproof and anti-corrosion properties: extend the service life of the product.
  5. The beam has a long range and concentrated light.


  1. The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel, with high-quality stainless steel brackets, high-quality tempered glass lampshades, and high-quality brass bases.
  2. Use the joystick to bend the lamp +30° and adjust it horizontally 350°, equipped with a joystick.
  3. The beam is parallel, the irradiation distance is long, and the light is concentrated.
  4. Comply with the class access regulations for steel ships.
VoltagePowerLumenLampholderLight sourceCable outside diameterProtectionclass
220V/50Hz/60Hz2000W53000LMGY16Halogen lampφ10-φ12IP56
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