TG25-A Automatic Marine Searchlight


The scope of application

Can omni-directional, multi – Angle, distance lighting.Is yacht, coast guard,

water police, fishing boat light water operation powerful giant eye.


Halogen bulb: light flux 3000LM,

color temperature: 4300K

input power DC24V 100W

working temperature: -40℃ -105℃

Model halogen 100W

voltage: DC24V

Rated current: 4A

Instantaneous start current: 4A

Size: 190*180*200mm

HID 100W voltage: DC12V

Rated current: 8A

Instantaneous starting current: 8A

Size: 190* 180* 200mm

Xenon bulb: luminous flux 3800LM

Color temperature 6000K

Stabilizer: input power AC100W

Operating temperature: -40℃-105℃

Voltage12V / 24V
Light sourceHalogen lamp
Luminous flux2300LM
Color temperature4300K
Currency3A / 6A

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