TZ1 Steel Xenon 100-230V 1000W Marine Searchlight With Lifter


The scope of application

Applied to remote illumination of ship night navigation, lifesaving, warning etc, and aim searching.

Products characteristic

  1. Equipped the sphere toughened glass reflectorand the device of focus adjustment which can adjust the focus up and down, front and black neatly, and has the functions such as high luminous intensity, far illumination distance.
  2. TZ1 Has steel shell, ball plate mounted on base, also equipped with lifting gear which can control the light body by hand to rotate for 350° horizontally and pitching 30°, Equipped the electrical box when supply DC110V please remark clearwhen order.
  3. TZ1-A Has stainless steel shell, a micro motor is mounted on base, and can operate the light body to rotate for 350° horizontally and pitching 30° by controller.
  4. Patent No.:ZL 201420804513.3.
  5. By the American Bureau of Shipping “ABS” certification, certificatenumber 18-SQ1799333-PDA.
  6. Approval by CCS(China ClassificationSociety), certificatenumber ZJ20P4039-2.
Voltage110V / 220V
Luminous flux60000LM
Lamp holderSpecial
Light sourceSphericity mercury xenon lamp
Protection classIP55
Cable outside DiameterΦ10-Φ12
MaterialSteelStainless steel
AnnexControl leverRemote controller

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