TG3 Steel E40 100-230V 1000W Marine Signal Searchlight With Lifter


The scope of application

Applied to Signal exchange between ships, the visibility distance is 15 n.m.

Products characteristic

  1. A focusing nut is arranged below the lamp housing to adjust the focal length of the light.
  2. Inside the light equips grid, joy stick, and can send the lighting signal according to the requirement.
  3. Can rotate for 1800 horizontally, and pitching 300 by the lift-hole or controller.
  4. Products with wireless remote control, can control the operation of the wireless 100 m lamp assembly, the leading domestic Line level, and through product design patents.
  5. Patent No.: ZL 201420804513.3
Lamp holderE40
Light sourceIncandescent focus bulb
Luminous flux17000LM
Protection classIP56
Cable outside DiameterΦ10-Φ12
MaterialSteelStainless steel
AnnexControl leverRemote controller

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