The function and technical performance

  1. 1. Solar charger: The lamp solar light charging, automatic charging during the day, night work automatically, eliminating the need to replace the batteries or AC charger.
  2. Environmental Protectionand energy saving: The lamp built efficient and environmentally friendly NiMH batteries can be recycled more than 1000 times the charging, energy saving.
  3. Automatic light control switch: Built-in light control function enables the lamps every evening to start automatic flash, automatic stop put out until dawn, simple, easy to use.
  4. High performance of fog throughing: The lamp lighting compare with the ordinary light bulbs, more than three times higher performance through the fog.
  5. Visible distance:≥1200 meters
  6. The working current: quiescent current <5 mA, working current <80 mA.
  7. The working voltage: depending on the model into 1.2V, 2.4V 3.6V and 4.8V
  8. The light-emitting time: ≤1 second.
  9. Flash period: ≤2 seconds.
  10. Watertight performance: excellent watertight.

The maintenance and Instructions

  1. Replace the lamp before using an open and transparent cap, take out the inside of the light-emitting device, open the switch that is located on the light-emitting device, then the light-emitting device into the lamp inside, tighten the transparent cap.
  2. Put the lamp in the dark, whether the test lamp automatically fl ashes, and then put in the sun lamps, luminaires automatically stop put to test whether, after the tests are normal, you can start using it.
  3. The lamp can be placed in directsun where it will absorb solar energy during the day light to recharge at work will automatically fl ash.
  4. Without the use of lighting, set the switch to turn off the luminaire, we can not put in the dark fl ashes continuously work more than 24 hours, otherwise it will affectlamp life.
  5. Such as long-term use of lamps, luminaires please every month or so to put in the sunlight charging day, it can be better to extend lamp life. Product standard number: Q / YHDZ 2-2011


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