The scope of application

Provide the illumination for the passage in the flammable or explosive or sea oil platform.

Products characteristic

  1. The light has simple structure, and good water-proof function, it is applied to each places and bad surroundings.
  2. Adopted good quality LED illuminant, which has high light efficiency, and RA, and it works for over 50000 hours
  3. The led starter has stabled components, to assure that the circuit has a long life time, and it has the protection for the short circuit and over load, to assure that the LED light work for long term.
  4. Approval by ATEX-B, certificatenumber TAZJ23091450681.


Aluminum LED 60W Explosion Proof Pendant Light | CFD4-L

Item No.: CFD4-L

Application:  For Zone I and Zone II, especially for places hydric gas and air admixure, ethyne and air admixure,
Standard: GB3836-2000, GB12045, EN50014, EN50018, EN60079
Material: Aluminum
Protection Class: IP65
Lamp Holder:  LED  |  Cable:  Φ11- Φ13
Size: Φ165 x L235 mm  |  Weight: 6 KGS

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