Solution: New LED Marine Searchlight TS1/TS1-A

The new LED marine searchlight TS1/TS1-A is a cost-effective and fully functional marine lighting product. This product uses high-quality LED lamp beads, which have high luminous flux, long illumination distance, low energy consumption and long life. It is suitable for night navigation and operation lighting of various ships.


We are committed to meeting customer needs with a more affordable price structure. The advantage of this product is its affordable price, exquisite design and compact size compared with TG/TZ series marine searchlights. It saves material without compromising power, and is available in 200W or 400W options to meet different customer needs. Additionally, it is available in manual and electric remote control versions, offering enhanced functionality.


More affordable price: lower price and more cost-effective than TG/TZ series marine searchlights.
The design is more refined: smaller in size, saving materials, and more beautiful in appearance.
More complete functions: it can be made into manual type and electric remote control type to meet the needs of different users.
More reliable performance: Using MEAN WELL LED drivers, the LED lamp beads have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and the light color is cooler and will not generate excessive heat.
Wide scope of application: wide voltage, high protection level, suitable for outdoor use, and also suitable for various ships.

Application scenarios

Night navigation: Provide long-distance lighting for ships to improve navigation safety.
Operation lighting: Provide lighting for ship decks, cargo holds, docks and other places to facilitate operations.
Search lighting: used to search for people or objects falling into the water.
The LED bulbs use MEAN WELL LED drivers and have a service life of up to 50,000 hours. They have a cool color temperature and generate very little heat during operation. Standard color temperature is 5500K, with customization options available. The wide voltage range of 100-240V and IP66 protection rating make it suitable for outdoor use and various marine applications. The TS1-A model is equipped with a control panel and wireless remote control that can rotate 350 degrees horizontally and 35-45 degrees vertically.


Q: What is the difference between TS1/TS1-A and TG/TZ series marine searchlights?
A: TS1/TS1-A has lower price, smaller size, more complete functions and higher cost performance.

Q: Can the power of TS1/TS1-A be customized?
A: Yes, the power can be customized to 200W or 400W.

Q: Can the color temperature of TS1/TS1-A be customized?
A: Yes, the color temperature can be customized to 5500K or other color temperatures.

Q: Can TS1/TS1-A be used outdoors?
A: Yes, TS1/TS1-A has a protection level of IP66 and is suitable for outdoor use.

Q: How does TS1/TS1-A operate?
A: TS1/TS1-A can be operated manually or via wireless remote control (TS1-A).

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