Marine Diaphragm Type Air Fog Horn WD-1 / WD-2 / WD-3

WD-1 WD-2 WD-3

Marine electric control diaphragm air horn is a kind of warning and navigation device which uses compressed air as power to promote diaphragm vibration and whistle. The automatic controller can automatically control the whistle to send out different sound signals. It can be used for large, medium and small ships entering and leaving the port, achieve navigation collision avoidance, or as the source of warning signals in case of poor visibility.

It has the characteristics of simple structure, firmness and reliability, clear pronunciation, large volume, low air consumption, etc. The product can be equipped with fog horn automatic controller to realize automatic sound and light signal.

It complies with the requirements of Article 1 of Appendix Ill of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Resolution A.1021 (26) “2009 Sirens and Indicators Regulations” and 1972 “International Maritime Regulations for Preventing Collisions”.

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