TZ5 IMPA 370501 - 370513 Aluminum Halogen 220V 2000-3000W Suez Canal Searchlight


The scope of application

Applied to illuminations of ship pass through the suez canal and the narrow sea-route when night navigation, can search and illuminate the obstacle on the surface.

Products characteristic

  1. The lamp body adopts good quality aluminium alloy, the weight is light, good quality toughened glass lampshade.
  2. Design with two bulbs structure, has rotary switch inside, can change between the bulbs under the electricity.
  3. Two hemisphere reflector, can adjust the reflect effect between the + 5 horizontally on.
  4. Equipped safe vent-valve under the lamp canister, can ensure the air pressure balance in and out the lamp canister.
  5. The lamp can rotate ± 180° horizontally and ± 30° vertically
  6. Parallel light-beam, far illumination distance.
  7. Conform toGRADE ENTRY NORMS FOR STEEL SHIP Sand the request of


  1. Patent No.:201520694772.X
  2. By the American Bureau of Shipping “ABS” certification, certificatenumber 18-SQ1799333-PDA
  3. Approval by CCS(China ClassificationSociety), certificatenumber ZJ20P4039-2.

Main technical parameter

◆ Voltage: 220V/50Hz. 220V/60Hz

◆ llluminant: Tungsten halogen light

◆ Lamp holder: GY16

◆ Power: 2000W / 3000W

◆ Luminous flux: 53000lm

◆ lrradiate distance:≥ 1800m

◆ Protection Class: IP55

◆ Cable outside diameter: Φ14 ~ Φ 16

◆ Weight: 65.8kg

Voltage220V/50Hz / 220V/60Hz
Luminous flux180000LM
Lamp holderSpecial
Light sourceTungsten halogen lamp
Protection classIP56
Cable outside DiameterΦ14-Φ16

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