Concave Shape Light Diffuser for Marine Fluorescent Ceiling Light 15-40W

Fluorescent Ceiling Light Diffuser Concave 15-40W

Fluorescent Ceiling Light Diffuser Concave 15-40W is a lighting accessory specially designed for ceiling fluorescent lamps. Its concave design can effectively diffuse light, making the light more uniform and soft, reducing glare and glare, and providing a comfortable lighting environment.

Product NameFluorescent Ceiling Light Diffuser Concave 15-40W
Compatible Wattage Range15-40 watts
MaterialDurable transparent plastic
DimensionsDiameter: 30 cm, Height: 5 cm
Concave DesignProvides even and soft light diffusion
InstallationDirectly mounts onto fluorescent ceiling lights
Color Temperature4000K (Natural White Light)
EfficiencyHigh efficiency, energy-saving, provides comfortable illumination
Dust and Water ResistanceIP44 rating, suitable for general indoor use
LifespanOver 50,000 hours
Warranty1-year warranty

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