PU Foam Cover Boat Steering Wheels 3 Spoke 3/4" Tapered Shaft For Yacht BZFX-A09


Non-directional 3 spoke steering wheel

Aluminum alloy spokes, black grip with PU foam cover

Included black center cap

Universal fits standard 3/4″ ( 19 mm ) tapered shaft

Commonly used on most marine boats, vessels, yacht, pontoon boat and so on


Material: Aluminum alloy coated PU foam cover

Color: Black

Steering Wheel Outer Diameter: Approx. 350 mm/13.8 inch

BZFX-A01Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ340mm(13.3”)
BZFX-A02Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ330mm(13”)
BZFX-A03Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ330mm(13”)
BZFX-A04Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ320mm(12.6”)
BZFX-A05Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ320mm(12.6”)
BZFX-A06Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ360mm(14.2”)
BZFX-A07XAlu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ340mm(13.3”)
BZFX-A08Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ350mm(13.8”)
BZFX-A09Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ350mm(13.8”)
BZFX-A10Alu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ360mm(14.2”)
BZFX-A11XAlu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ320mm(12.6”)
BZFX-A12XAlu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ320mm(12.6”)
BZFX-A15XAlu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ340mm(13.3”)
BZFX-A16XAlu.Alloy+PU Foamingφ350mm(13.8”)

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