IMPA 793441 793443 793444 YL120 Marine Bell 24/110/220V 85dB


Products characteristic

Sound signals is an important and simple communication and alarm tool on the ship, which can send out special signals in time to indicate the occurrence of some abnormal phenomenon. It is also a supporting instrument for the ship’s telephone, communication equipment, telegraph and other electrical equipment.

Technical parameter

  1. Suitable environmental temperature: -25 ℃~ +55℃ .
  2. When the power supply voltage is within the range of DC ±15% and AC +6%~-10% of the rated value, it can work reliably and its sound intensity is not less than the specified value.
  3. The protection class: IP56
  4. Cable outside diameter Φ14-Φ16.
NameDC electric bellAC electric bell
IMPA Code793431793433793434
Sound intensity85dB
IP GradeIP56
Cable diameterΦ14-Φ16

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