HS Code of Marine Lights and Electric Fittings

Learn about marine lights and electrical accessories with HS code, each has its own dedicated HS code. From IEC waterproof plugs to marine switches.

Marine lights and Electric fittings HS Code(Harmonized System Code):

Marine plug: 8536690000

Include: IEC watertight plug, Marine brass plug, Water-tight (WT) plug, Marine HNA plug and etc.

Marine socket: 8536690000

Include: IEC watertight socket, Marine brass socket, Water-tight (WT) socket, Marine HNA socket, Marine socket with switch and etc.

Marine switch: 8536500000

Include: IEC watertight switch, Marine brass switch, Water-tight (WT) switch, Marine HNA switch and etc.

Marine junction box: 8536909000

Include: IEC watertight junction box, Marine brass junction box, Water-tight (WT) junction box, Marine HNA junction box and etc.

Marine Fluorescent light, Pendant light, Flood light, Searchlight, Explosion proof light, Hand light, Bedside light: 9405409000

Marine navigation signal light: 8531809000

Marine bulb: 8539292000

Lamp holder: 8536610000

Lamp shade PC: 9405920000

Lamp shade Glass: 9405910000

Marine Electric bell: 8531809000

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