Bozhou Company’s 2024 first quarter work points welfare prize and 2023 work points balance (70%) bonus award ceremony

Conference kicks off, leaders speak

In this early summer season when everything is in full bloom and the trees are lush, we gathered together to witness the grand ceremony of the Bozhou Company’s first quarter 2024 work points welfare prize and 2023 work points balance (70%) bonus award ceremony. This is a grand event to commend the advanced and inspire morale, and it is also a grand event to gather strength and seek common development.

With the solemn announcement of the company’s leaders, the conference officially kicked off. All employees stood up and sang the national anthem. The singing was loud and resounding throughout the venue, condensing the patriotic feelings and loyalty of every employee to the company.

Mr. He read the “Struggler’s Declaration”. His sonorous and powerful voice inspired every employee to always maintain a fighting attitude and move forward courageously. Afterwards, the employees collectively recited the “Zero Excuse Commitment”, promising not to make excuses or shirk responsibilities at work, and to devote themselves to the development of the company with a high sense of responsibility and mission.

Mr. Hua of the Sales Department came to the stage and made a comprehensive summary of the operation of the work point system in the first quarter of 2024. He pointed out that this quarter is a quarter in which the work point system has been carried forward and achieved fruitful results. All employees are united and motivated, following the development direction of work point management, working diligently and loving their jobs, and striving towards the established goals of the work point system, and have achieved certain results. However, the results can only represent the past. Looking forward to the future, we need to work a hundred times harder.

Manager Zhou of the Administration Department then took the stage and read out the rules for the first quarter PK of the work point system in 2024 and the rules for the annual work point bonus in 2023. The rules are clear, fair and just, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent awarding process.

Awards and incentives

Finally, we came to the exciting quarterly welfare prize awarding session. After hard work in the first quarter, many employees stood out, and their efforts and contributions were recognized by the company. As the award music sounded, the quarterly welfare prize awarding session officially began. The first prize, second prize, third prize, and model prize were announced one by one.

First, the third prize was awarded. There were 30 third prize winners. They made outstanding achievements in their positions and contributed their own strength to the development of the company. Among them, a couple won both awards for their outstanding performance. Their story of mutual support and common progress deeply touched everyone present and won everyone’s warm applause.

Then the second prize was awarded, and 19 employees happily walked onto the podium. Their faces were filled with pride and joy, which was an affirmation of their work.

Then the first prize was issued, and a total of 12 lucky and outstanding employees won this honor. They showed extraordinary professional ability and outstanding work performance in their respective positions. President Hua personally awarded them the prize, shook hands with each winner, and spoke highly of their work.

In the selection of the model award, one management model and five employee models were selected. These model workers not only perform well at work, but are also spiritual leaders in the team. Their presence inspires every employee to pursue excellence. General Manager He personally put on ribbons for the model workers, which is the highest praise for their outstanding performance.

The representative of the model worker in the first quarter also took the stage to give a speech. He shared his work experience and growth process, expressed his gratitude to the company and the team, and encouraged everyone to continue working hard and make progress together.

As the award ceremony progressed, the atmosphere on the scene became more and more enthusiastic. Next, a bonus of 70% of the balance of work points in 2023 will be awarded. This bonus is not only a reward for the hard work of employees in the past year, but also an expectation and encouragement for their continued efforts in the future.

The first announcement was the list of six groups of winners and their bonus amounts. When the winners saw their names appear on the big screen, they could not hide their excitement and joy. They went up to the podium one after another, took the bonus from the awarding leaders, and congratulated them together!

The total amount of work points bonus for 2023, including 30% awarded before the Lunar New Year and 70% awarded after the Lunar New Year, was announced on the screen. This number not only represents the company’s recognition of employees’ efforts, but also demonstrates the company’s strong strength and emphasis on talents.

Among them, the award-winning employee representatives gave a heartfelt acceptance speech. They reviewed their work experience in the company, thanked the company for the training opportunities given and the care and support of leaders and colleagues. They said they would continue to work hard and make progress to contribute more to the development of the company.

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