Bozhou Marine was invited to participate in the Singapore APM 2024 exhibition

We, Bozhou Marine Co., Ltd., will participate in the Singapore APM 2024 exhibition from March 13th to 15th. The exhibition content will discuss how to provide data transparency, automation and convenient assistance to customers’ supply through global online procurement and logistics.

About Wrist

Wrist is the world’s leading marine supply and store for marine and offshore suppliers with a market share of approximately 12% and is the sole provider of the global supply network. Wrist is also within the scope of logistics and distribution of goods and spare parts for all Providing services that combine the delivery of cargo and spare parts with the delivery of ships.
With the launch of the “Source 2 Sea” digital market, WALL is leading the digital agenda of the maritime supply industry. Year-round, 24/7 global online procurement and logistics provides customers with data transparency, automation and convenience. Wrist continuously strives to reduce climate impact while proactively meeting customers’ growing needs and demands for responsible solutions and services. In more than 30 locations around the world, in all major shipping locations, 1,800 skilled employees pride themselves on making it easy for customers to order and receive marine supplies and services.

About APM Singapore

APM Singapore is the region’s premier trade event, providing a comprehensive overview of the marine industry. The exhibition is the ideal place to meet representatives of the maritime community from the global shipbuilding and shipping industry. This is a great opportunity to network and reconnect with maritime business partners, shipping lines and maritime service providers.
This year’s theme is “The Future of Ships and Tomorrow’s Solutions”, with various industry elites discussing how our global online procurement and logistics services can help optimize the supply chain through the Singapore hub and global supply operations network.

Wrist’s Maritime Services

Wrist is a world leader in marine supply and warehouses for marine and marine suppliers – a modern marine merchant with a global network of supply operations, including handling marine spare parts, spare parts logistics and integrated delivery to vessels. Wrist’s logistics expertise is a core element of our competitive advantage, providing us with the foundation to serve every vessel, platform or military operation. Wrist has more than 2,000 standardized products around the world, ensuring uniform quality around the world. Wrist also provides global ship supply, global new building services, maritime logistics services, ship spare parts logistics, digital solutions and more.

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